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I need all subscribers to contact me or the store immediately!  As of the coming Saturday – November 3, 2012, anyone with 3 or more of the same issue  in their drawer will be closed if they have not made any contact to the store or myself within the next 2 days.  I value what I am able to get for my subscribers, but I am not a storage facility and Heroes Only is in the business to make money. Those who do come in regularly are greatly appreciated.

I have tried to not charge for subscriptions but may have to. To keep the deadbeats out.  New store is gonna include new policies.


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We will be open at our current location till October 28th, 2012. We will REOPEN on OCTOBER 30th at NOON!! at our New Address – 104 W. 17th Street !!! we are right next door to Re-O-Na’s. Where Sportscards and More used to be before their current location.

Excited and looking to be in our new location!!! Look forward to seeing everybody and bringing in New Customers.


Denver’s first-ever Comic Con has something for every closet geek.

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What: Denver Comic Con will offer a variety of activities and vendors as well as appearances from movie and television stars and comic book writers/artists.

When: June 15, 6-10 p.m.; June 16, 10 a.m.-6 p.m. and June 17, 10 a.m.-5 p.m.

Where: Colorado Convention Center, 700 14th St.,



Weekend: adult passes $50, teen (ages 11-16)

passes $30.

Friday: Adult $10, teen $6

Saturday: Adult $35, teen $15

Sunday: Adult $20, teen $12

More information:

By Josh Rhoten

After three years of planning, the first ever Denver Comic Con will be a reality Friday.

Denver has hosted science fiction and comic book conventions in the past, but organizers said this would be the first time a comic con will be held in the downtown Denver area.

“Denver has a great fan culture and that shows in everything from sports to conventions like this that have always been well supported,” said Charlie LaGreca, co-director of the convention.

“The conventions and events in the past have been held on the edges of Denver, but we really wanted to get it into the heart of the city.”

Hosted in the spacious 69,000-square-foot Colorado Convention Center, LaGreca said there will be plenty for fans “to nerd out on.”

“It is going to be a cornucopia of nerd culture. We are going to have stuff from blockbuster movies all the way down to rare Manga comics,” he said. “That doesn’t even include the panel discussions, costume contests, LEGO displays, video games and all the other things we have planned through the weekend for people to check out.”

There will also be appearances from comic book artists and writers as well as TV and movie actors from shows like “The Walking Dead,” “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Transformers: Dark of the Moon.”

All of which will be available for autographs throughout the weekend.

LaGreca and his partners have been working to bring the fest to Denver for about three years. It has been a learning experience for them.

“There have been a lot of bumps in the road, but we have gotten support not just here in Colorado but regionally and that’s what we really want to build this into. There are fests on both coasts, but we want something for our area to look forward to every year,” he said.

Any money above the cost of putting the convention on will go to the Comic Book Classroom program. The Colorado-based nonprofit afterschool organization teaches fifth- to eighth- graders arts and literacy through comic books. Their display will be the largest on the floor, according to LaGreca, who helped found the program.

“That’s an important program that we really believe in, so no matter how big we get, that is always going to be the biggest booth on the floor,” LaGreca said.

“Some of the graduates will be at the convention as well, working with the artists we brought in and selling their drawings in the process.”

There will, of course, be plenty comic and collectable vendors at the convention, offering rare toys or comics for the right price. The list of participants includes Cheyenne’s own Heroes Only comic store.

“The lineup for this looks really good and it is great exposure and experience for our store,” said owner P.J. Brown. “It is a little stressful, but it is also just a lot of fun.”

Brown suggested first-time convention goers plan their schedules, but be open to changes.

He said the most important thing was to get into the crowd and interact with people.

“Get into the crowd and try and meet some people that are into the same stuff as you,” Brown said. “They are just regular people like you.”

LaGreca wasn’t sure what how big the turnout would actually be.

“I think we are going to be at or near capacity for Saturday at least so people should get their tickets ahead if they can,” he said. “If it goes well we are going to try and have this every year.”

HO – Avengers Midnight Showing on May 3rd – Tickets Now Available @ Store Only!!

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OK!! EVERYONE who signed up for tickets to the Heroes Only – Avengers Midnight Showing – They will be available starting tonight at the store for pick-up. YOU MUST HAVE THESE TICKETS TO GET INTO THE SHOWING ON MAY 3RD!!! So if you signed up for it – you have to come get them.


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First – Heroes Only Comics and Capitol City Digital Cinemas in Cheyenne – WILL have a THEATHER for the Midnight Showing May 3rd , 2012 for the THE AVENGERS!!!  The doors for the showing will open at 9:00 PM and Capitol will show one of the five movies (Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Incredible Hulk, Thor, and Captain America) leading up to THE AVENGERS before hand. 

I need a count of everyone that would be interested in going to this showing.  I will start a list tonight with Nicole at the store and we will get a head count through Saturday the 21st of April.  You can also contact me or the store on FaceBook – Official Heroes Only Comics and Games or to confirm and leave a head count.

Second – Heroes Only Comics & Games and Seize The Deal are teaming up for a deal – buy a coupon for $10 and come into the store with it to get $20 worth of comics or what not – beginning April 23rd, 2012 for that whole week through their website – and , We will have the link on our website and on Facebook as well.

DON’T Forget FREE COMIC BOOK DAY – MAY 5th, 2012 @ Heroes Only Comics & Games and Laramie County Library!!!

“Left 4 Dead” 20 Minute Tournament SIGN UP Starts today @ HEROES ONLY!!

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  • Sign Up Starts September 19, 2011!!
  • 20 minutes of play in the game!
  • $3.00 entry fee!
  • Maximum of 100 entrants! So get signed up quick!
  • Sign up and pay at HEROES ONLY Comics & Games – @ Holliday Home Plaza, 3151 E. Nationway, Cheyenne, Wyoming – (307)287-0632 - Monday thru Friday – 5:30PM to 8PM & Saturday – 9AM to 9PM!!
  • 10 players per 20 minute round – A list of when you will be playing will be posted on Facebook on Friday the 30th and inside the Cheyenne Depot on October 1st!
  • Everyone starts at the same level!
  • Highest overall SCORE is the determining factor for winning!
  • Prizes will be determined by how many enter tournament!
  • Be sure to bring a parent or guardian to give permission to play if you are under 17 years old!
  • Entries will be taken until either all 100 slots are full or the tournament starts at 2 on October 1st

Season of the Witch | Screening Quiz/Contest

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Thursday January 6, 2011 @ 7:30pm, Denver, CO

In the supernatural thriller Season of the Witch, Nicolas Cage stars as a 14th century Crusader who returns with his comrade to a homeland devastated by the Black Plague. A beleaguered church, deeming sorcery the culprit of the plague, commands the two knights to transport an accused witch to a remote abbey, where monks will perform a ritual in hopes of ending the pestilence.

A priest, a grieving knight, an itinerant swindler and a headstrong youth who can only dream of becoming a knight join a mission troubled by mythically hostile wilderness and fierce contention over the fate of the girl.

When the embattled party arrives at the abbey, a horrific discovery jeopardizes the knight’s pledge to ensure the girl fair treatment, and pits them against an inexplicably powerful and destructive force.

This movie is rated Rated PG-13.

For more information visit the official website.

Visit for details on playing for tickets.

MyComics App is LIVE!

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The My Comics App is now available!

Who does this effect? Anyone with a subscription box at Heroes Only or who would like to set up a subscription box.

The MyComics App acts as a virtual representation of your physical subscription box. With this application, you can conveniently check what titles are currently on your subscription list, add titles, and drops titles – all from the comfort of your OWN HOME!

If you already have a subscription box at the store, you can log into your virtual box by clicking the “My Comics” link in the navigation bar on the Heroes Only homepage. To acquire the required login info, please email or inquire at the store.

If you do not have a box set up, you can click the link on the MyComics login page and email us your info and we can set you up. You can also set up your box by coming into the store.

A FAQ has been set up on the My Comics login page to answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

Thanks to Craig for all the blood, sweat, and tears that made this app possible!

Updated Events page

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The Events page (link at top of this site) has been updated with info on the upcoming MTG Conflux Prerelease Tournament.

A Smokin’ New Poll!

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As some of you may have discovered for yourselves already, there’s a new poll in the right column of the website.  You may have to scroll down slightly.  Feel free to submit your vote.  I’ll try to make a new poll weekly or every other week.

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