Denver ComicCon IS A GO!!!

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June 15th-17th, 2012

June 15th, 2012 – Denver will play host to the first annual Denver Comic Con and Literary Conference (DCC/LC) in June of 2012, promising comic fans of the mountain west a chance to mix with some of the foremost comics illustrators and writers today. DCC/LC will take place at the Colorado Convention Center and will be the largest convention of its kind in the Rocky Mountain region. The three-day event has already penciled in the Eisner and Harvey-nominated writer of Scalped and Wolverine, Jason Aaron, as well as Rebekah Isaacs, who is currently working on Angel & Faith for Dark Horse Comics with Christos Gage and Executive Producer Joss Whedon.

Set to take place during Father’s Day weekend, Denver Comic Con is also the first convention of its kind developed to directly benefit children’s literacy, with event proceeds assisting Denver’s own Comic Book Classroom (CBC). CBC is a nonprofit after-school program that promotes literacy and arts education through the use of comics. DCC/LC and CBC will be on site at the Convention Center to provide family and youth-centered activities and programming throughout the weekend.

“We will have the largest venue for a fan event in Denver,” says Charlie LaGreca, Vice President and Art Director for CBC. “There will be comic creators from all levels of the industry, from big names at Marvel, DC, and Image Comics, to the many wonderful local creators Colorado has to offer, as well as small press publishers from around the country. Rising star and local Denverite, Noah Van Sciver, most recently picked to be in The Best of American Comics and mainstay of Westword, has also agreed to appear.”

He adds, “We will, of course, have guests from film and television too; expect more exciting guest announcements in the coming weeks and months. And the centerpiece of the entire con will be the kids who have gone through Comic Book Classroom’s program. Not only will they be guests at the booth, they will be the shining stars as they get to sign and do sketches alongside pros.” LaGreca has worked closely with all the facets of the comics industry as an artist for DC Comics, Nickelodeon, Disney, and many others. He also hosts Indie Spinner Rack, a long-running, online podcast show dedicated to the world of independent comics.

DCC/LC is unique in that it will be simultaneously hosting a full-scale literary conference (LC) and education program for students and professionals in a variety of academic fields, who will present scholarly work in the subject of comics and graphic novels, as well as teaching, from K-12 to the college classroom, and beyond. Dr. Christina Angel of Arapahoe Community College and Metropolitan State College of Denver will head up this exciting program, in conjunction with other local university and college professors.

ABOUT DENVER COMIC CON: DCC/LC is Denver’s premiere fan experience, covering the worlds of comic books, film, and related media, taking place June 15-17, 2012 at the Colorado Convention Center.

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ABOUT COMIC BOOK CLASSROOM: Comic Book Classroom is a nonprofit organization that educates through alternative approaches to literacy, learning, and character development. CBC creates programs for underserved students, schools, and communities via comic books, graphic novels, and related media. CBC’s Executive Director, Illya Kowalchuk, M.Ed., will run the educational programming for the convention. CBC is the organizer for the DCC/LC.

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  1. Shaltiar said,

    on June 29th, 2011 at 5:39 pm

    Oh hell yes

  2. John1176 said,

    on July 3rd, 2011 at 1:52 am

    Very nice site! is it yours too

  3. PJ said,

    on September 7th, 2011 at 9:45 am

    The Denver Comic Con Site is not ours. It belongs to those in Denver that are organizing it. Frank Romero is the Exhibit Hall Director and President of 5280 Comic Book Classroom.