Artist ZACH HOWARD will be at the Heroes Only from 1 to 5 PM, Saturday, September 18, 2010!!!

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Zach Howard may not look like anyone likes him, but the truth is: almost four people like Zach. First there’s his mom – she definitely likes him.

Then there’s Zach’s mailman – he always smiles when he sees Zach. (What more proof does one need?) The third person is Brett Butler, the comedian. Zach is a big fan of hers and once at one of her shows Zach wouldn’t stop laughing. “I like this guy,” she said as she pointed generally in Zach’s direction. The whole crowd heard her. And last but not least is Zach’s dog, Zach Junior.

If you think there’s a chance you’d like Zach, please, please, please become a member of the Zach Howard Appreciation Society. Registration has been open since 1980, and if you’re the first to sign up you’ll receive a signed picture of Zach, delivered by Zach himself. Please be sure to have a meal waiting for him when he arrives. (He loves Dinty Moore!)

The following are just some of the reasons why you should like Zach.

1. Zach has never intentionally killed a bunny.

Currently you can find Zach living in Colorado, where he draws pictures of men in tights for Warner Brothers and Disney. Zach insists the woman living in his house is his wife, but no documentation has been provided to substantiate this claim.

I met Zach at ComicFest 2010.  I knew of some of his work before meeting him and since then he has become an artist that I look forward to seeing more.  He has a great attitude towards his craft and seems to have fun doing it – most of the time.  Heroes Only looks forward to having him in the store with his artwork and his presence. You can check out some his awesome artwork on his website and on his Deviant Art page!

Come by Heroes Only to see him and get artwork and comics signed by him and maybe get an original sketch!!!

Machete Cover 1 color by *Spacefriend-KRUNK on deviantART

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