FELIPE ECHEVARRIA & TODD JONES here today, September 11th!

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Felipe Echevarria is an American artist, working in dual arenas of fine art, and comics and graphic novels. His best known works are the watercolor comics adaptation of the Hitchcock film “PSYCHO“, the underground Sandman Death paintings collection entitled “ANKH“, and his incorporation of spirituality and metaphysics in both his fine art and upcoming comic art works. Visit for the latest comic art and upcoming projects.


Originally from the Far East, and by “Far East” I mean Richmond, Virginia, Todd Jones moved to Colorado a little over five years ago fearing ninjas might be chasing him –thankfully there weren’t any (or at least he hasn’t seen them yet). Settling into domestic bliss with his lovely wife, he was taken by surprise when she insisted that he stay home and write until he sold something that made them filthy rich or just plain rich. Although he had always enjoyed writing as a hobby, Todd feared trying to pursue it as a career, but not as much as he feared what his wife might do to him if he refused. Thus, he agreed to do as she commanded. Currently, he makes a little moolah from editing and has several creative projects in development including STAKES, a horror/adventure comic which is being illustrated by comic and fine artist, Felipe Echevarria. Hopefully, his wife will soon be pleased enough with his progress to unchain him from his desk.

HEROES ONLY is looking forward to having them as our guest on September 11, 2010.  They will be at the store from 1 PM to 5 PM.  There is a strong possibility the y will be in the Teen Lounge at the Laramie County Public Library from Noon to 1.  They will be at both locations promoting their new projects and selling artwork

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  1. on September 9th, 2010 at 10:14 am

    Make sure to check out Fil’s work, you will be “blown away” with it.