Peasant MTG Tournament

Posted on December 20th, 2008 in Magic: The Gathering by Jeremy


When: Saturday, January 17th @ 10am


Decks must consist of at least sixty cards, containing:

1. Cards from all vintage legal sets (Portal sets are allowed, Un-sets, Vanguard, World Championship, etc. are not).

2. No more than 5 uncommon cards between main deck and sideboard.

3. No rare cards.

4. There may be no more than 4 copies of any single card other than basic land between main deck and sideboard (snow covered lands count as basic land).

Sideboards must consist of exactly 15 cards.  Decks must be returned to original composition following each match.

Card rarity can be found at:

If a card has been printed with multiple rarities you may use the most common rating (i.e. Mishra’s Factory was printed as both a rare and uncommon – it may be considered uncommon).

Banned list: Sol Ring, Strip Mine, Frantic Search, Skullclamp, Tendrils of Agony, Ancient Den, Great Furnace, Seat of the Synod, Tree of Tales, Vault of Whispers, and Darksteel Citadel.

Prizes to be determined – based on number of attendees.

Hard copies of the rules available in the store.

Cost: $5

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