Friday, June 6th, new booster draft price scheme, & other news

Posted on May 31st, 2008 in Events,Magic: The Gathering,Minature Games by Jeremy

There will be a MTG sanctioned booster draft this Friday, but it will not be an FNM one. We will be giving out foils, but not the FNM foil for June. This draft will be $11, and will include foils and booster packs for prizes.

This pertains only to June 6th. The remaining Friday nights will be Friday Night Magic with the appropriate foil as usual.

In June, a new price scheme will be introduced, with alternating Fridays. $11 drafts will include a prize breakdown of 5 for 1st, 4 for 2nd, and boosters given at random. Obviously, the FNM foils will also be given out. $15 drafts will now feature more prizes.

Toward the middle of the month, you’ll be seeing a miniature game called AT-43 arrive in the store. Look for free demos coming at the end of June.

In comic news, issues of the Batman RIP story line, Secret Invasion, Kick Ass, and Captain America are selling out ultra-fast. To guarantee yourself a copy of any issue, set up a subscription box – it’s FREE!

I’ve added several new boards to the forums. Feel free to add your input. If you feel the forums are missing out on any particular subject, email me or PM me and I’d be glad to add it (if appropriate).

Starting June 2nd listen for our new radio ad playing on FM 101.9

Starting in late June – Heroes Only LAN Parties!


Or PM Hero#1 on the forums

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