Just to Recap

Posted on April 26th, 2008 in Comic Books,Magic: The Gathering,Shadowmoor,Store by Jeremy

As a reminder:

We will close on Thursday night at 8pm and reopen at midnight to begin selling Magic:The Gathering Shadowmoor.  There will also be some mini games that night.

Friday night for Friday Night Magic we will be holding a booster draft tournament, and, of course, drafting Shadowmoor.

Saturday is Free Comic Book Day!  Free comics available!  This event will run all day or until we run out of free comics.  Arrive early to make sure you get something.

Registration begins at noon for the Shadowmoor Launch Party.  Tournament will start at 1pm.  Sealed deck tournament of Shadowmoor.  There will also be regular play the entire day and into the night.  Those who sign up for the tournament will receive a free Promo card.  Prizes include: Shadowmoor deck boxes, spin-down counters, and booster packs.

Hope to see you there!

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