We’ve already put in initial preorders for the D&D miniatures: Dungeons of Dread, Shadowmoor (MTG), and D&D 4th edition books.

If anyone is interested in ordering any of these products, please let us know within the next week or so to guarantee we can accommodate your needs. Special discount prices are available to those who place preorders. Please email me at or call 307-287-0632 if you would like to place a preorder.

Upcoming events: As always, Friday Night Magic takes place every Friday evening – check the calendar for details about individual Magic tournaments. May 2nd is the release of  MTG Shadowmoor – we will drafting Shadowmoor in the FNM tournament that night.

May 3rd is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! We are a participating store and will be giving away free comics whiles supplies last.

June 7th is World Wide D&D Game Day, just one day after the release of 4th edition. We’re starting a sign-up list now for this event in order to form groups so we know how many DMs we’ll need. Let us know as soon as possible if you’d like to participate.

That’s about it folks. See you around.


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